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Unboxing APM Jewelry Packaging

In this article, you can get a close look at what material APM is using for its jewelry boxes, cotton drawstring bags, what kind of styles and the backstage philosophy in how the brand pleasures and becomes recognized by her customers. Finally, you will be able to know the budget behind all this packaging stuffs in our budget time section at the end of the video.
Rachel Zeng · Oct 09, 2019

"Having a great brand and reliable product is not enough, developing a good product packaging helps your product to catch customers attention"

Hi, Guys, Today's topic is APM Jewelry Packaging.Here is the latest collection of APM jewelry. There are three sets of packaging.

The 1st set is packed in a magnetic paper box. Navy blue color with embossed black metallic foil logo. Look at the ribbon handle on top, I think this packaging idea is very smart, because it saves additional cost for a bag. When you carry it on the street, you don't need a shopping bag to carry it. Inside the box is an envelope contained with a thanks letter showing every details related to the order, you can even find out care instruction and return policy on it.Now we find two gift boxes lying in the inserted divider. On top of the box, is an identification card which says APM jewelry brand is from Monaco. Now let's see what's inside the box.Oops, this ribbon on top is actually glued at the box bottom. Later when I close the box, I can easily tide it back as beautiful as it was just now.The inside of box is covered of soft velvet fabric, so scratches will not easily leave on the jewelry.Now I find a cotton drawstring pouch with embroidery logo. Inside the cotton pouch is a divider that can separate different jewelries rather then mess them up.Under the jewelry bag is a jewelry cleaning cloth with embossed logo. It is for cleaning the finger marks and sweats to protect the jewelry surface.

Hmm, I think I am very satisfied with the delicate packaging ideas so far. But what's inside the other two boxes? Let me check. Oh, it's two exquisite jewelry display boxes. One is a purple velvet fabric box with embroidery logo, and the other one is denim fabric box with embossed logo leather patch inside.It's amazing, right? All I expected is a pair of earrings and a necklace, but I have got additional two display boxes and they are of very good quality.

Now, you may want to adapt some ideas into your brand's packaging, but which way is more suitable for your budget? Our budget time section may help you.

First of all, let's have a look at the magnetic paper box. It is about 1000gsm thickness which makes it strong enough to protect the items inside. It is about $3 for 500pcs moq, and price goes down a lot with a bigger quantity.

As for the paper gift box, it is simple design with a ribbon glued at the bottom. Inside velvet material makes it more luxury but also add additional craft works in production. So the price ends up expensive then common lid and bottom box. Its moq is also 500pcs.

The drawstring pouch is made with 8oz cotton. 8oz is a good quality regarding cotton fabric. With its logo embroidered on one side. Approximate price is between $0.6-1.5.

Last item we want to talk about is display box. Display box is all craft works. So experienced and skillful workers are very important in display box production. Moq is 500pcs. Unit price is about $8-12. I suggest this can be considered as a special gift for VIP customers or dispatched on special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving. It will impress target consumers very much.

Now you know what you can do within your budget. Any question, leave comment to info@deepkinglabels.com.

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