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How to raise communication efficiency in ordering jewelry bags?

This article is about to help both buyers and sellers to raise communication efficiency in an inquiry of jewelry bags.
Rachel Zeng · Dec 31, 2019

In B2B business, please always keep in mind a few things: price, time, quality. If any one of these three factors is out of your satisfaction, it is not necessary to talk any further. Otherwise, it is just a waste of time which leads to very low working efficiency.

During my 11 year experience of selling small jewelry bags, I have encountered with situations where green hand buyers or sellers wasting time and speeches in talking about non-related information to key point such as pricing and lead time. So with this article, I hope to help both buyers and sellers to raise communication efficiency in an inquiry of jewelry baggies.

First factor-pricing

Like many other packaging items, a jewelry bag's price basically depends on SIZE, MATERIAL, QUANTITY and LOGO COLOR QUANTITY. The easy to understand logic is as below: The bigger size, the more expensive Material price from high to low: leather jewelry bag-microfiber pouch-cotton jewelry bags-velvet jewelry bags-satin/silk jewelry bags-mesh jewelry bags-organza jewelry bags The larger quantity, the cheaper price The more color the logo is of, the more expensive It would be very impressive if buyers can figure out all the above information at a time before sending an inquiry, whereas seller should always try to pull the buyers back to these information rather then just let them roaming around with their ideas.

Secone factor: lead time

Buyers should inform sellers the expected lead time in advanced and seller should confirm sample time and production time together with quotation, rather than only answer when being asked.


Last factor: quality

Sample pictures or even videos of a drawstring jewelry bag reference speak louder than plain email description. Buyers should always try to find a reference pictures to the seller, and seller always keeps in mind to send previous production samples to buyers whenever talking about some specific printing method. If buyers can describe what they want for the custom jewelry bags at the very beginning, an inquiry can be answered in just one replying email from the seller ideally.

Once both parties agree on the three factors-price, time and quality, it's time to talk about more details and buying concerns. Otherwise it is a waste of time in confirming so many details but find out the budget or time frame just actually don't work at the end. Think about today's oversea business, time difference between buyers and sellers is commonly existing. If information is missed, it may take tens of emails to figure out an easy case, which is not really both parties expect to see in ordering drawstring jewelry bags.

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