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Who We Are
Deepking Industrial Company Limited (“Deepking”) is one of the Chinese leading packaging companies specialised in garment packaging, cosmetic packaging and jewelry packaging items. We have been serving for more than 400 established international brands in the last 20 years.

With the rapid development of e-commerce platforms and independent websites, we have encountered more and more inquiries and orders from e-commerce brands. In the process, we found that many purchasing managers encountered various problems in ordering the packaging products. These issues clearly contradict the traditional B2B procurement process. For example, customers want to know what kind of parameters are suitable for their products, while traditional B2B suppliers need customers to provide parameters before they offer quotes. For example, some client companies do not have a professional design team. They pin their hopes on the supplier, but the communication process may take several days. Next, tracking the delivery date, tracking logistics, quality feedback, these all take up a lot of time and labor of our customers.

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